caregiver and an elderly woman with a crane chatting
Where your new home and family await!

Beacon Ridge Senior Mental Health opens its doors to seniors experiencing various conditions. Our committed professionals strive to deliver top-standard care, especially for those with mental illness. Our team will dedicate much effort to meeting each resident’s unique needs as we foster our goal of helping each senior live a joyful and fulfilling life again. Hence, Beacon Ridge becomes a guiding light for many seniors to remain hopeful on their journey to recovery and wellness.

With our resident-centered care approach, we aim to empower all the individuals that are under our care. And since Beacon Ridge considers each resident’s safety with the utmost value, we cannot accept individuals with a history of being sexual offenders or those with violent tendencies to become one of our residents.

If you or someone in your life struggles with mental health, let us become the haven that nurtures you or your loved one’s healing. We currently offer the following services:

Discuss Your Needs with Us!

To make your move a stress-free experience, we can talk about your specifications in person if you set an appointment with us. We’re always willing to help make your relocation easier.